Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arranged Marriage Raps!

Hey guys, please watch my debut at freestyle in this hilarious and great take on arranged marriage. Also spread the video to friends, families, co-workers, relatives, friend’s aunt’s sister’s nephew, etc! If we get the most hits, we win the contest and I'll be writing personalized raps for you all :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Punjabi Punchlines, oh My!

Check out this funny brown comedy show this Friday, February 6th at 8pm at the Gershwin Hotel. Admission is free with a suggested donation of 10 bucks. Not too shabby my friend, not too shabby. Plus, I'm performing so I would appreciate all your love, support, and heckling. It's a competition that's being judged by Dan Nainan, Vidur Kapur and Anu "RAAGZ" Kalra.
So let the laughter begin!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Showtime!

I'm performing tomorrow night (9/11) at New York Comedy Club. Come check out my new material. The details are below. And as always, please feel free to invite friends, partners in crime, etc.

Masala Mami & the City

Le Damage: Cover is 10 bucks at the door, but you'll get five bucks back from moi after the show ends. And there's a 2 drink min. (doesn't have to be booze)

When: 9pm - 11:00pm (Door open 8:30pm)

Where: New York Comedy Club, New York, NY (24th st. between 2rd and 3rd)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

90210 is a Hit

So I got out of work early and even cancelled all my auditions (okay my non-existent ones) to catch the season premiere of the new "90210". After getting past the blowjob scene, (Woah, Dylan would never be caught doing that especially in the school parking lot! I think my mom being in the room at that time didn't help either) it grew on me. I almost teared up when I saw Andrea and Jessie's daughter Hannah doing the morning news. I hope they develop her character more, because they definitely need more socially awkward characters besides the hunky teacher Mr. Matthews. Also, kudos to Degrassi's Shenae Grimes for landing a more likable role as Annie than crazy assed Darcy. Kelly aka Ms. Jennie Garth's role as guidance counselor is surprisingly believable. Seeing Brenda was a real treat as well, but she looks a lot older than shiny Kelly. Telling you kids, smoking is bad for you in more ways than one. And poor Nate with the coffee machine. Producers please give him more than one line. He's a better actor than some of those kids! Although all the new characters have great potential, like the druggie actress girl (reminds of me in high school), my vote goes to Grandma Tabitha Wilson aka Jessica Walter from Arrested Development. She nails her lines every time, and the audience is sure to enjoy more barbs from her saucy self. What I adore about the new show (aside from Ms. Walter) is the "diversity". There's FINALLY a black kid on the show, and the adoptive storyline is definitely intriguing. Though, I love how the Persian kid is played by a white dude named Michael Steger. Come the f' on, L.A. is full of decent hungry actors who are more ethnic and may actually be Persian, oh what a concept .
But alas, you know where I'll be on Tuesday nights...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Say What!

So, the past few weeks have been crazy with insecurities. Yes, Masala Mami got hit hard this month. So there was the agent who told me that my face was too chubby. Um hello, I'd be in company of Katherine Heigl, Salma Hayek, America Ferrera, Mariah Carey, just to name a few. And isn't' that what make-up artists are for? Make those chins disappear ma'am or Queen, whichever you prefer.

Then there are the auditions I go to every week ending with,"Great job! But you don't fit what we're looking for." Puleeze, I'm an ethnically ambiguous woman in my 20's. I can play anything from a sultry Colombian drug smuggler to Kelly Kapoor's ditzy sister. Well thank god for friends for getting me out of my funk. Thanks Gossip Girl, perezhilton, Bacardi, gay porn, and KFC. What would I do without you guys?!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quit, Quit, Quit

So, I'm planning to quit my job in the next few months. I know a smart decision considering the plunging economy. But I figure I'll have more time for my comedy and acting pursuits and less money for booze (that's good news for my liver!). Of course I have thought this over five million times, and have prompted tell all my friends and even strangers on the train about this life decision. Everyone's like "Oh my god! What are you going to do for money? What about the MONEY???" And I say simply, "Sell crack in the West Village and foot fetish modeling".

Me on Careers (how appropriate):

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Desi Gets Real

So I went to the first shoot of Pan Desi's new reality show, "DesiNova". Eagerly waiting for the cameras to roll, I was like I can get used to this thinking "Kim Kardashian, watch out. It's my butt to shine now!". But then after head bumping several camera people (unintentional of course), making the contestants red-faced and running to the bar with my racy questions, and then to top it off getting taped with dribbly pasta sauce on my chin, I realized I could never do it again. As much as I love cameras like the next attention whore, I can only handle three at a time and maybe four if I am feeling exceptionally insecure. But hey if Last Comic Standing knocks on my door, who am I kidding? Bring on the camera orgy!

DesiNova Promo: