Thursday, July 03, 2008

Desi Gets Real

So I went to the first shoot of Pan Desi's new reality show, "DesiNova". Eagerly waiting for the cameras to roll, I was like I can get used to this thinking "Kim Kardashian, watch out. It's my butt to shine now!". But then after head bumping several camera people (unintentional of course), making the contestants red-faced and running to the bar with my racy questions, and then to top it off getting taped with dribbly pasta sauce on my chin, I realized I could never do it again. As much as I love cameras like the next attention whore, I can only handle three at a time and maybe four if I am feeling exceptionally insecure. But hey if Last Comic Standing knocks on my door, who am I kidding? Bring on the camera orgy!

DesiNova Promo:

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